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The horizontally mounted lightbox can lend a special atmosphere to every room. Whether simply white, illuminated by RGB modules or printed with your motif, the ceiling light can be an eye-catcher in your ambulance. PIXLIP MEDICAL guarantees pure homogeneous illumination and an improving experience for both: doctors and patients.

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The principle

Simple. Bright. Individual.

The basic structure of our lightboxs are tailored frames made of aluminum. Thanks to their lightweight construction they are light, yet strong and warp resistant.

The integrated LEDs guarantee intensive and homogeneous illumination. The minimal power consumption and long life ensure low-cost operation.

The high-quality and extremely light-fast fabrics are double stitched and can be printed using a direct printing process with environmentally friendly UV-inks. All textiles are flame retardant in accordance with DIN B1 and of course particularly suitable for rooms with high hygienic demands. The elastic component in the fabric facilitates clamping in the frame and ensures a wrinkle-free surface.


Colored lights

Also available
with RGB color spectrum


Brighten up your mood

A healing environment


The PIXLIP MEDICAL Lighting System transforms your ambulance in an inviting area and supports the healing environment for patients and doctors.

Our lightboxes can create an enhanced healing and pleasant ambience by using white and homogenous illuminating LEDs. Printed with colourful and individual motifs the light panels are also able to relax the patients' mood and distract their attention from their disease. The new RGB LED color-changing module illumination has a particulary calming effect on both: patients and doctors.


Printed Textiles

Highlight your ambulance with individual prints