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Well light heals well

Brighten up
your ambulance


PIXLIP MEDICAL is specialized in healthcare lighting concepts, because we know: light has an strong effect on people – visually, biologically and emotionally. It's our calling to enhance the patients’ experience by using this impact effectively in healthcare facilities. Our lighting solutions are designed to support patients becoming and of course staying healthy.

Our lightboxes not only creates an enhanced healing and pleasant ambience, but also a functional and effective work light.


Calm spacing

A welcome ambiance

The waitingroom is one of the central places of your ambulance. Waiting here for the doctor can be an unpleasant experience for every patient. The healthcare lighting solutions of PIXLIP MEDICAL are able to facilitate the situation by creating comfortable environments for patients and their families.


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Light cares

Light that calms

The PIXLIP MEDICAL lighting system also helps to reduce and alleviate anxiety and makes it easier for doctors and staff to carry out medical examinations. The homogeneous illumination serves as a soothing visual support for the patients they can focus on.

Our lightboxes can free doctors and patients from stress, lift their mood and revitalise. The improving effects of the PIXLIP MEDICAL lighting system are scientifically proven.


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Homogeneous light


The architecturally integrable LED lighting panels energize doctors and stuff at work. The smoothing light can aid concentration, invigorate and improve sensitivity.

To optimize the lighting concept of your ambulance don't hestitate to contact us. We're already looking forward to hearing from you.

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"Thanks to PIXLIP, our atmosphere has eased significantly"

— Dr. med. Kanja & Dr. med. Hunloh, Dermatologist from Düsseldorf